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Since I left the safety and sanctuary of the vault I have disappeared. I am travelling the wastelands of Virginia. I’m busy wandering around, building to building, collecting bits of wire, old Nuka Cola trucks, pool balls, copper, rusty switchblades and old leather armour. You name it, I’m taking it! I need the components so I can upgrade my weapons and armour and build more stuff!

In between the lonely trudge from place to place collecting various paraphernalia I’ll be taking down platoons of Chinese soldiers, now become ghouls and cliques of super mutants, I’ll be seeking the Mothman and other legendary beasts while all the time attempting to hide from pesky little humans who obviously want to steal my stuff! I haven’t talked to anyone in days, maybe it’s weeks?! Unless you count robot npc’s I suppose. I am desperately seeking the final key to a nuclear bunker; I want to play M.A.D with the world! My c.a.m.p is perfect, found a ridge where I can overlook the terrain and store all my bits and bobs, but I need a deterrent to any who might dare to venture too close. I don’t want to be friends with, I don’t want to trade with you… I’m lone wolfing this mother!

The new engine improvements have me marveling the draw distances and beautiful density of the newly greened wastes and cluttered interiors. The visualization of incoming weather has me altering course or taking refuge in nearby derelict buildings. Each new level up sees me playing with my card deck to make myself the best hoarding hermit I can be. And I’m constantly sidetracked and enamored by the beautiful environmental stories.

Probably best to leave me alone until I’ve got over it I think.

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/10 .have fun!
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