Shadow of the Tomb Raider is definitely my least favourite of the three, however beautiful it is, however good some of the puzzles and exploration is… the whole thing felt needlessly aggressive and violent all the while glossing over that under a thin veil of helping to save a tiny indigenous tribe in South America from the ‘evil’ Trinity and other forces (which, for the record, Lara unleashes).


This is Assassin's Creed meets Last of Us and, frankly.  It’s weird.  Every time I settle in to the rhythm of this game I’m suddenly reminded who Kratos is and my brain flickers and says WTF!?!


I play lots of multiplayer games, however, they are not my number one reason for playing games. I love single player games; there is something about the craft of lovingly built and designed compelling single player experience that draws me in.  So, I got exceptionally annoyed when I brought MW2, only to discover that the entire game has, at its heart, really been designed with MP at the core.


With some amount of joy and a sigh of relief, I’m here to tell you that the good Mario name is still intact and has quite possibly been given the biggest and brightest rebirth of his starry career in recent years.  I’ll get it out of the way now; the game is quite simply, fantastic.  That’s probably all you need to know to be honest, but, carry on reading if you so wish!


A superb sequel to an excellent first outing for the Lego games and looks like they are set to remain a gaming staple for the foreseeable future if you ask me.


A friend of mine was ultra excited for it, and I just couldn’t see the big WOW factor. It seemed like a poor man's Resident Evil to me only with pretty visuals and next-gen body counts. I'm here to say I stand corrected.  This is a bloody good game.


Once you are actually playing you truly get to feel where the games strength lies.  What I really love is once you hit anything over a 15+ rally, music starts to play and the longer that rally continues the more intense and loud the music gets.  It really gets you into it.


The first hour of this game is quite possibly the most boring of any game I have ever played.  I wasn't given the opportunity to do anything apart from use on of the the weakest “examine” features I’ve also ever seen and watch roughly 45 minutes of cutscenes.


It’s been a long wait, but at last… Lara Croft has once again found her form, not only in the number of gorgeous polygons she is carrying around improve her form, but now, finally, in a fluid, well planned, excellently developed and executed design.


The way the feeling of 24 has been recreated in a videogame format is very good.  It's slick and to be honest, at times, cinematically speaking, I was occasionally fooled into thinking I was watching the show.  It's superbly done.

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