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I have worked for a number of companies over the years, some larger companies (Ubisoft for example)  working on such titles as King Kong, Assassin's Creed and Skull and Bones, and also some smaller companies (Confounding Factor, Illfonic) on Galleon and Nexuiz and many more.  This has helped me establish good working methods and understanding of development processes for various project types, sizes and genres.

I'm adept, efficient and love what I do.  I am able to create prototype gameplay and neat, clear gameplay blockouts, help to establish efficient pipelines and workflows or improve existing ones, aid in the construction of design tools (or in UE4 or other visual scripting tools, create my own) while also bringing a wealth of experience and best practices in all areas design.

I also have solid knowledge of all other key area of development, art, sound, code, enabling me to communicate easily and help steer direction while also helping in ensuring consistency for a product.

Harry Luck.

Hello, I am Harry Luck, a games industry veteran of 20+ years.  I am available for design consultancy and remote outsourcing of game, level and world design.